The National Rugby League (NRL) is one of the most popular sports in Australia. The NRL broadcast agreement is an important aspect of the league as it determines how and where fans can watch their favorite teams compete.

Recently, the NRL announced a new broadcast agreement with Nine Network, Foxtel and Telstra. This agreement sees Nine Network become the free-to-air broadcaster of NRL games in Australia, while Foxtel and Telstra will continue to broadcast games on their paid platforms.

The new deal is worth over $1 billion and will run for five years. This is a significant increase from the previous agreement, which was worth $925 million over six years.

The NRL broadcast agreement is important not only for the league, but also for the fans. With the new agreement, fans will have access to more games and better coverage. Nine Network will broadcast up to four games per week on their free-to-air channel, while Foxtel and Telstra will offer additional games on their subscription-based platforms.

The new agreement also includes digital rights, which means fans can watch games online and on mobile devices. This is a major advantage for fans who prefer to watch games on their own terms.

In addition, the NRL broadcast agreement includes provisions for international broadcasting. This means fans around the world will have greater access to NRL games, increasing the global reach of the league.

Overall, the new NRL broadcast agreement is a win for fans and the league alike. With more games available on more platforms, fans will have greater access to their favorite teams, while the NRL will benefit from increased exposure and revenue.